Student Dress Code

School Uniform Dress code- Updated

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The following school uniform dress code will be required during regular school hours, on school days. During extra-curricular activities in the evening or weekends the standard school dress code applies ( School uniform not required). All college concurrent and Career-Tech students must be compliant with the uniform policy before returning to the Okmulgee Public School campus.

 Lower garmets-

             1. Khaki or black colored slacks, shorts, skirts, or capri pants;

            2. Dress belt in black, brown, tan, or cordovan.

  • "Khaki" in this case means TAN or BEIGE in color
  • Lower garmets must be worn at the waist line ( no sagging)
  • PANTS MUST BE SNUG-- no more than two fingers width may be between waistline and body.
  • Pant length must be no higher than 1" above the ankle or longer than the top of shoe ( Proper formal dress length) and may not be tucked into socks.
  • Shorts and skirts cannot be more than 6" above knee or a dollar bill length above knee
  • Capri pants must be of a formal dress style ( no pajama, spandex, leggings, Jeggings, or casual style capris)
  • No slits or holes allowed
  • All lower garmets must have belt loops ( no draw-string garmets or elastic garmets)

 Upper Garmets-

  1. Polo style shirt with a collar;
  2. Solid colors only in red, black, gray, or white
  3. No commercial logo allowed;
  4. Shirts must be tucked;
  5. Long or short sleeve is acceptable.